Artist Statement

Everything I create has a direct connection to the natural world. I specialize in creating handmade art from animal and plant fibers, using felting and stitching techniques.
My practice includes wearable art pieces such as scarfs, shawls, fashion garments, purses and jewelry. As my practice evolves, it includes objects for interior design such as wall hangings, sculptures and other art objects.
As a child, I learned how to sew and knit from her grandmothers, setting the foundations for my fascination and curiosity in working with fiber. 
Wool fleece has versatile properties which can be manipulated to create 2 dimensional and sculptural forms for interior and personal ornament. As I move through the felting process, I develop a close relationship with the wool. Felting is magical and the results never cease to amaze me. The fine art of hand stitching is an expression of my desire to have control over the quality of the final piece.
Wet felting is a process of agitating wool fibres until they entangle to create a tightly non-woven piece of fabric. It is a physical, tactile process which requires a gentle touch and thoughtful consideration.
Needle (dry) felting is a process of tangling and compacting wool fibres together using a barbed needle. Using additive and subtractive techniques I create sculptural pieces and 2D art. 
I am passionate about teaching and inspiring children, youth, families, and community groups to appreciate the possibilities of using fibre to express and create art.